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More than forty years ago, Coach introduced twelve eloquently simple bag designs with classic, well-balanced proportions. Over the years, they have added a multitude of new shapes, styles and materials, but each collection embodies the same principles of classic design and American style.

Every Coach product embodies the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Sizes, shapes, pockets and straps are carefully considered to provide maximum efficiency, comfort and convenience. Seams are double-stitched where reinforcement is required. In our glove-tanned pieces, the inside pockets, handles straps and interior bound edges are all made of the same leather to ensure a consistency of color and texture.

Coach selects only the top ten percent of leathers for their tactile quality, strength, character and grain. In the tanning process the untreated leather is rotated for days in large drums where it is softened and enriched with natural treatments drawn from plant extracts, fats and clear aniline dyes. Like fingerprints, no two grain patterns are alike. Their method of slow curing brings the natural markings to the surface, which makes every Coach product original and unique.